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  • Iza's Ballad

    Iza's Ballad (Iza Balladája - Angol)

    Szabó, Magda
    Kiadó: Random House Uk
    A profoundly moving novel with the unforgettable power of Szabo's award-winning The Door.When Ettie's husband dies, her daughter Iza insists that her mother give up the family house in thecountryside and move to Budapest. Displaced from her community and her home, Ettie tries to find her place in this new life, but can't seem to get it right. She irritates the maid, hangs food outside the window because she mistrusts the fridge and, inher naivety and loneliness, invites a prostitute in for tea.Iza's Ballad is the story of a woman who loses her life's companion and a mother trying to get close to a daughter whom she has never truly known. It is about the meeting of the old-fashioned and the modern worlds and the beliefs we construct over alifetime.
    ISBN: 9780099532385
    nyelv(ek): angol
    Raktárkészlet: 1-10 pld

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