Oxford English For Careers: Finance 1 SB

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KiadóOxford University Press
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Kiadás éve2011
Authentic and up-to date information in every unit, written and checked by finance industry insiders Topic-based syllabus, covering a range of subjects such as banking, stock markets, and company internal finance Teaches English in context, so students
practise the language and skills they

1 Choosing jobs
First impressions, researching financial employers, reasons for going into finance, what can you expect from a career in banking?

2 Personal finance
Customer relationship management, the banking code, financial check-up, customer complaints

3 Company financial services
Outsourcing, controlling business expenses, scheduling appointments

4 Economic indicators
Investing in emerging markets, presenting figures, interpreting data, presenting data, explaining trends and their causes

5 Economic cycles
How to behave in meetings, the IMF and World Bank, The 'Great Depression', managing the world economy, recession and recovery

6 Economic sectors
Regional development agencies, investment decisions, competing in the global economy, the road to development

7 Banking
Selling on the phone, researching a bank, types of banks, an organisation chart for a bank

8 Stock markets
Investment strategies, researching a share's performance, why do stock markets move?

9 Company internal finance
Negotiating, finance for small businesses, cash flow, financing the company, insisting on payment, annual reports

10 Company reporting
Annual report of a bank, the chairman's statement at the AGM, forecasting

11 Accountancy and auditing
Accountancy and professional ethics, working in accountancy, the steps of an audit, accounting and auditing, the auditor's letter to management

12 Insurance and risk
Tips on getting the best policy, insurance claims from a national disaster, how do companies manage risk? Reporting on insurance claims