Rome's Mediterranean Empire (Owc) Books 41-45 & The Periocha


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KiadóOxford University Press
Nyelvi szintC2-anyanyelvi
SorozatOxford World\'s Classics
- This is the first complete English translation of Books 41-45 of Livy's famous history of Rome in fifty years. It is the only paperback edition to include the Periochae, the summaries of Livy's entire 142 books, previously available in English only in
Loeb's hardcover series.
- These five books tell the story of Rome's last major war with Macedon and they have the special attraction of illustrating, in compact form, Livy's moral vision at the heart of his account of the Romans' past.
- The excellent introduction considers the place of Livy's work in ancient historical writing, his sources and the historical background, the structure of these five books and their content.
- Explanatory Notes draw attention to historical and literary questions and points of interest