Oxford English For Careers: Nursing 1 SB

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KiadóOxford University Press
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1 The hospital team
Nursing in the UK, an admission, a job interview

2 In and around the hospital
Directions, the porter's office, on the ward

3 Hospital admissions
A patient record, bad handwriting, admitting a patient

4 Accidents and emergencies
Shock, instructions, emergency helpline

5 Pain
Areas of referred pain, questions to assess pain, pain chart, pain relief

6 Symptoms
Night coughing, researching symptoms, a helpline call, mystery syndromes

7 Caring for the elderly
The effects of ageing, a care home, assessing a patient

8 Nutrition and obesity
Nutrition, vitamins and minerals, food intake, eating disorders

9 Blood
The heart, forensic analysis, blood types, blood tests, blood pattern analysis

10 Death and dying
The body after death, breaking bad news, report of a death

11 Hygiene
MRSA, a hygiene report, test results, a hygiene inspection

12 Mental health nursing
Tourette syndrome, famous people suffering from mental illness, a case conference, schizophrenia

13 Monitoring the patient
Taking readings, hypothermia, a coma patient, a scan

14 Medication
Dosages, drugs which have changed history, patient medication

15 Alternative treatments
Medicinal plants, wild treatments, healers