Oxford English Grammar Course Intermed SB +Key (Incl E-Book)

Swan Michael-Walter Catharine

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KiadóOxford University Press
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Nyelvi szintB1-B2
Kiadás éve2020
How English Works: 1997 First prize, English Speaking Union Duke of Edinburgh Award for the best book for English language teaching published in the UK
A grammar practice series, taking students from elementary to advanced. Updated to include interactive e-books with the print books, as well as downloadable tests.(B1-B2)
Oxford English Grammar Course Intermediate is a revision and expansion of the highly successful How English Works.
Short, clear grammar explanations are easy to remember
Real examples show how the grammar works in practice
Engaging practice activities include Internet exercises, Grammar in a text and Grammar and vocabulary
Colour illustrations and cartoons put grammar in context
Exercises are organized into two levels of difficulty (Basic and Intermediate only)
Pronunciation for Grammar, in the e-book, helps students to understand natural speech, and to improve rhythm, stress and intonation
Free downloadable lesson-by-lesson Teacher's Guide for each level offers suggestions for hundreds of additional communicative and out-of-class activities