Britain * 2E Book With WB Pack (B2-C2)

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KiadóOxford University Press
Méret (cm)21.8x27.4x1.5
Nyelvi szintB2-C2
Kiadás éve2012
The companion Workbook to Britain contains quizzes, exercises, and topics for discussion which both test and develop your knowledge of Britain. Each unit corresponds to a chapter in the Student's Book.

Completely updated, Britain 2nd edition provides the historical and cultural background of British society and institutions such as the NHS and the BBC as well as an insight into the private daily life of the British people. Students are encouraged to
think about the cultural issues raised and to make comparisons with their own culture.

- Charts, graphs, extracts from popular fiction and newspapers provide a diverse and fascinating range of additional information about people's daily lives
- Questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to analyse what they have read and to make cross-cultural comparisons
- Activities in the Workbook further reinforce the content and language as well as encouraging students to explore topics in more depth.
- A regularly updated website keeps the information from Britain current as well as having topical links to media and government websites.