Project 3Rd Ed. 2. Tanári Kézikönyv

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KiadóOxford University Press
CélcsoportIskola felső tagozat
Méret (cm)21.0x29.8x0.8
Nyelvi szintA1-A2
Kiadás éve2010
SorozatProject 3Rd
An English course for upper-primary and lower-secondary students.

Project third edition is a five-level primary and secondary English course, trusted by teachers and loved by students worldwide.

 NEW texts, topics, and activities such as comics, songs, and stories
 'English across the curriculum' page (CLIL) in every unit of every level
 Culture DVD includes documentary-style material showing aspects of life in Britain and other English-speaking countries
 Revision pages in every unit help to check the class' progress regularly
 Workbook contains NEW 'can-do' statements which monitor your students' progress
 Graded exercises in the Workbook and projects in the Student's Book to suit mixed-ability students